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Breanna Waltz LPC/LPCA



My Story

Life can get us down sometimes and that's okay. My goal as a counselor is to be there for you on this road we call life. Whether it's a transitional period in your life, struggling with decision making, family issues, or feel like no one understands you, I am here to listen to you. I hope to help you explore and reconnect with the best version of yourself or who you want to be. Together we can develop resiliency in your life and celebrate your success along the way!

At the end of day, it is okay to feel this way and want to talk to someone. When it comes to therapy, there is is no one size fits all. I work to tailor my treatment goals and interventions to the individual and work together in a collaborative relationship. You are the expert of your life and I aim to walk with you on that journey.

Reaching out can be difficult, but you have already taken the first step. Therapy is a non-judgmental space and I look forward to learning more about you and how I can help you meet your goals.

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