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See how equine therapy can improve your mental health.


Benefits of Equine Therapy

Any age group can use equine therapy to improve mental health.

The interaction between horse and client unlocks blocked emotions

It combines the benefits of talk therapy with a unique experience.

Our Equine Services

Equine therapy and lessons are not our only specialties. Sandy Hills Stables also provides options for current horse owners.

Horse Boarding

We provide maintained stalls and paddocks with trained personnel.

400 Pasture

$650 Stall


Scheduling Therapy Sessions

If equine therapy peaks your interest, please contact Hillcrest Comprehensive Psychological Services for appointment information. 

(803) 569-3101 (T)


Meet Our Team

Our team of professional clinicians, riders, and feeders make Sandy Hills Stables what we are. Our horses are trained for therapeutic use, and our other animals help bring our friendly atmosphere to life. 

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